It's time to ditch those boards

Hyra's purpose built session management system allows you to track attendance without worrying about if your board will be deleted tomorrow.

Why is it better?

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Our session boards are secure and only the people you choose are allowed to make changes.


Automatically refreshes

There's no need to create new cards every week, Hyra automatically refreshes your sessions every week.


Progress is tracked

Staff can see in real time how many more sessions they need to complete to meet their targets.

Hear it from groups already using sessions

Hyra's sessions feature is used by thousands of groups who have found a better way of working

We rely on Hyra at Restaurant Roleplay to perform a range of tasks across the board. Hyra streamlines the process of managing staff members, scheduling sessions, tracking activity and more. Certain features such as the activity leaderboard majorly boost the morale of our management team.

Avatar of bvetterdays
Vice President, Restaurant Roleplay

Hyra makes managing our group very efficient and easy. Since making the transition over to Hyra, our staff team couldn't be happier. It also has everything we need, from activity tracking, to sessions, to logging and more, allowing us to manage our staff just the way we need.

Avatar of Mxtvi
President, Hollywood Films

Hyra has transformed Greenz Corporation for my management team. With features like activity tracking, session claiming, logging, and more, our tasks have been much more efficient. I'm deeply appreciative of having access to such a user-friendly platform that allows my team to effectively manage my staff.

Avatar of bgreenz
Owner, Greenz Corporation

It's time to rethink your HR strategy

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