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How does Hyra grow your group?

Build your group using our two fundamental products

Time tracking

Hyra allows you to track how long your team are spending playing your games to the exact minute.

Why Hyra is useful to me is that I can check my minutes any time of the day and nothave to wait until distro to see if I've required the correct amount of minutes.

- Allivson4u

It's easy to make sure I hit my requirements and my activity is up to par.

- nev7eh

Application centres

Application centres allow you to take on new staff members and expand your fabulous team.

Tracking your team is the future

Groups see that their team are up to 60% more engaged


uses Hyra. See what they think.

Little Angels Daycare

uses Hyra. See what they think.

Based on average groups activity from the start of using Hyra to current

The best Roblox groups run on Hyra.


users on hyra




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Feature rich application centres.

All of the must haves built in, with some neat extras on the side.

Question types

Short text, long text, multiple choice, checkboxes, linear scale, typing speed, rating. We're always adding more types as well!

Quiz mode

Set the right and wrong answers and give your applicants instant results. Then, automatically rank users if they pass.

Beautiful design

A vibrant and beautiful design, following Material Design specification, ensuring you always look clean and professional in front of your future employees!

Effortless reviewing

Review applications easily, with built in live-reload, with a collaborative comments system and heaps of contextual information about users.

Grammar checking

Spot mistakes fast. Spelling and grammar checking is built right in, so you can easily identify spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Safechat checker

We'll identify who's got safechat for you, and show it in the applicant UI. Very useful!

All the best features, totally free

Hyra provides the best features in the industry

Track Staff Activity
Keep on top of your team and see who's performing best and worst within your group
Store warnings and logs
Store all of the warning, promotions, demotions and everything else about your team
Make announcements
Make announcements to your team and keep them on the same page
Automate ranking
Use automatic ranking in GUIs and scripts the Hyra API
Application Centres
Hire new employees into your group with a Roblox application centre
Secure my group
Use the super secure Hyra Group Admin to promote and demote people with extra security & controls

Here's what people are saying

Group owners and managers are talking about how Hyra has revolutionised their group. We can help revolutionise yours too.

Hyra provides a wide range of fantastic and reliable services to assist with running and managing my group. Becoming a user of Hyra has changed the future of my establishment.


It is really easy to use and is a great resource for groups in terms of managing staff activity and applications.


It's free and easy to use.

Tight integration
with Roblox groups make permissions much simpler than on other platforms.


I like the fact that Hyra is 100% free


I like that I get to see how active I have been and other things like ranking.


I like Hyra because is much easier than other apps. Hyra has everything you need for your ROBLOX group. I would say that the activity tracking is one of the most useful features. This is much better as you don't need to worry about adding Discord webhooks. Just download the Loader, put it in Server Script Service, publish and you're done!...


I love how organised Hyra is. The platform itself is so helpful for all Roblox groups and communities.


Hyra is also really easy to use in my opinion as I was able to learn my way around the site really quickly. It helps me track how long I've been in-game for groups I work for and know how much longer I need to be in-game to complete my requirements.


The staff management section is very useful to me because my job is to manage staff at my group. The "Group Admin" function also helps a lot.


Why Hyra is useful to me is that I can check my minutes any time of the day and not have to wait until distro to see if I've required the correct amount of minutes.


I like that it actually tracks your minutes in game, and that it also tracks how much warnings and suspensions you currently have. I like how it also includes jobs that you can actually apply for, which is very unique


There are lots of tracking measures which is great for a big team of people.


Hyra is easy to use, simple to set up, and even easier to communicate with staff.


It's easy to make sure I hit my requirements and my activity is up to par.


Hyra is very easy for beginners! The layout is simple, and everything is easy to find.


I like it because it makes shift logging easier and staff members aren't required to log it manually.


I love how Customizable, Flexible and User Friendly the Hyra Interface is. Hyra makes my group easily organised with applications, ranking and heaps more!


Helps me keep track of my staff and how active they are. Easy to set up with wonderful support.


Hyra is super simple to set up and even easier for my staff to learn how to use.


Hyra offers a quality, transparent and efficient workspace product for absolutely free with constant updates and helpful support.


Hyra's easy to use systems make it easy to manage a team of employees quickly and all in one place


I like Hyra because it is easy to use, and really helpful.


I like that we can easily access our game times and it's easy to use. I usually would have lots of trouble calculating my game time but Hyra has helped me so much.


I like it because its simple to use. it also makes hiring people easy.


It tracks your activity, easy auto ranking and job centres, and easy to track activity.


Let's start reinventing your staffing.

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