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We've missed you.

Roblox's favourite platform for hiring will be back soon.

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We're working on a rewrite of the platform to improve the user experience.

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Hyra is moving to a premium model where workspaces will pay a small fee to keep the platform running.

Better support

We heard you! We're bringing faster and more experienced support to the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hyra no longer free?
Hyra is no longer free because it was not a viable method of running its service. As Hyra grew its range of features, the total revenue per customer did not, so we ended up providing more services than we could afford per user. By putting a price on Hyra, we are able to focus on our customers more and scale our operations more efficiently.
How much will Hyra cost?
We are yet to confirm a price for Hyra. We expect it to be around $10 USD. Price subject to change.
If I join Hyra when it launches will I get access to my old data?
Unfortunately, we deleted all data associated with our service so if you decide to join Hyra when it launches, you'll be starting with a blank slate.
When will Hyra relaunch?
While we cannot firm a date right now, we anticipate to launch this Summer. It will take several months to create the new Hyra vision.
Other services similiar to Hyra are free, why isn't Hyra?
Hyra will be focusing on the user-experience and quality. Our previous expertise give us a unique insight into the market that will allow us to provide a more robust and premium solution to your needs.
Will you provide updates on progress?
We will be providing continous updates and sneak peeks in our Community Discord. We hope you'll join us.