A new way of doing requirements

With our Assignments, staff will know if they're meeting quotas and how far away they are from meeting them. Most importantly, you'll know who's falling behind and who's overperforming.

Here's a breakdown...

Real time progress

Track progress from attendance and minutes in game in real time

See the fuller picture

View the entire history of assignment completion for every staff member

Manual checks

If there's something Hyra can't auto track, then you can use Checkbox assignments

Hear it from groups already harnessing the power

Hyra's Assignments feature is used by thousands of groups on Roblox

Hyra has transformed the way we manage our staff. With Hyra, we can easily keep track of our team's performance and identify top candidates for promotion. It has allowed us to shift our focus from administrative tasks to the smooth functioning of our group.

Avatar of TheMagikMan12
Vice Chairman, Washiez

Hyra has truly transformed the way we manage our group, making everything so much easier, smoother and efficient. Our workflow has improved significantly, and it's made our teams tasks easier than ever before. Hyra is a game changer for any Roblox team looking to streamline HR processes.

Avatar of Zivao
Chairman, Cortadó

Hyra has excelled in redesigning how we run our management team. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Sam to introduce new features to the platform. Hyra is the all-in-one tool for your management needs!

Avatar of Duckzye
President, Pastriez

It's time to rethink your HR strategy

Join thousands of groups gaining deeper insights into their staff's performance and potential through the transformative power of data with Hyra.

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