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Our features in a wink

Time off management

Receive, approve and track time off requests. Hyra automatically updates your schedule and notifies your team.

Action logs

Record warnings, promotions, demotions, suspensions and more in your team's logbook.


A built in place to store your handbooks, guides and documents with advanced permission control.


See the top three performers in your team based on minutes and sessions worked, and see where you rank on the list.

Granular permissions

You decide exactly who can do what in your team. Roles can be assigned to your Roblox group roles or specific people


Make Hyra your own custom branding, week start day, name, schedule, layouts and more.

Hear it from our happy customers

Join a thriving community of thousands who trust Hyra daily to empower their community management and HR automation endeavours.

Hyra has transformed the way we manage our staff. With Hyra, we can easily keep track of our team's performance and identify top candidates for promotion. It has allowed us to shift our focus from administrative tasks to the smooth functioning of our group.

Avatar of TheMagikMan12
Vice Chairman, Washiez

Hyra has excelled in redesigning how we run our management team. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Sam to introduce new features to the platform. Hyra is the all-in-one tool for your management needs!

Avatar of Duckzye
President, Pastriez

Hyra is great website that is used to track the activity of your staff team, this goes for trainings, in-game minutes, and more that they are working on! The staff at Hyra communicate very well and if there is any issues they will contact you back quickly. Hyra has become a important part of Koala Cafe.

Avatar of Seaqqaa
Board of Directors, Koala Cafe

Over the past year, The Garrison has harnessed the power of the Hyra HR platform with remarkable results. This versatile tool has become an invaluable asset for us, offering an insightful window into our current staff statistics. I wholeheartedly endorse Hyra to fellow group owners seeking a professional, straightforward, and user-friendly system for their staff management needs.

Avatar of SamCastile
Board of Director, The Garrison

Hyra has transformed Greenz Corporation for my management team. With features like activity tracking, session claiming, logging, and more, our tasks have been much more efficient. I'm deeply appreciative of having access to such a user-friendly platform that allows my team to effectively manage my staff.

Avatar of bgreenz
Owner, Greenz Corporation

Hyra has been a game-changer for our Roblox group. This new and modern system has streamlined our management processes, making everything from activity tracking to communication a breeze. It's incredibly user-friendly and efficient. It's a must-have for any Roblox group looking to expand.

Avatar of foultear
Owner, Freshly Shopping UK

Hyra has truly transformed the way we manage our group, making everything so much easier, smoother and efficient. Our workflow has improved significantly, and it's made our teams tasks easier than ever before. Hyra is a game changer for any Roblox team looking to streamline HR processes.

Avatar of Zivao
Chairman, Cortadó

Hyra makes managing our group very efficient and easy. Since making the transition over to Hyra, our staff team couldn't be happier. It also has everything we need, from activity tracking, to sessions, to logging and more, allowing us to manage our staff just the way we need.

Avatar of Mxtvi
President, Hollywood Films

We rely on Hyra at Restaurant Roleplay to perform a range of tasks across the board. Hyra streamlines the process of managing staff members, scheduling sessions, tracking activity and more. Certain features such as the activity leaderboard majorly boost the morale of our management team.

Avatar of bvetterdays
Vice President, Restaurant Roleplay

1,000+ groups rely on Hyra to deliver meaningful data and keep staff engaged
Restaurant Roleplay
Koala Association
Bloxco Supermarket
The Garrison
Restaurant Roleplay
Koala Association
Bloxco Supermarket
The Garrison
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Highly accurate

Hyra's advanced tracking technology enhances accuracy, delivering a higher level of confidence in your data management and decision-making processes.

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Customisable Dashboards

Utilise Hyra's precise filtering and sorting capabilities to delve deeper into performance metrics and identify emerging trends, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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Everyone has access

Every user you track gains access to Hyra, promoting a transparent work environment and boosting staff motivation through clear performance insights and collaborative features.

It's time to rethink your HR strategy

Join thousands of groups gaining deeper insights into their staff's performance and potential through the transformative power of data with Hyra.

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