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Hyra is the all-in-one suite for hiring and staff management on Roblox. Launched in November 2020, Hyra has grown to have the largest market share in the industry. Hyra has achieved this by having a product that simply delivers with an excellent support team behind it. Today, more than 140,000 users use Hyra to grow.

Join Hyra and help us deliver amazing services to our customers.

What will you be doing?

  • Solving technical problems for our customers on a daily basis.
  • Feeding back to Product teams on issues that have arisen such as bugs or confusing areas of the product.
  • Troubleshooting issues customers face on a regular basis.
  • Using content taught to you in trainings and through other channels to aid customers as best as possible.
  • Writing help articles that act as self service way of receiving support for all customers.
Your 3 month roadmap

We base our support supplier on a 3 month starting roadmap.

For the first two weeks you'll be onboarded onto Hyra and how to support our customers using Intercom. You'll be taught the various tools and methodologies we use to support our customers, as well as learning common issues and topics that customers frequently get confused with. 

After you've completed your first two weeks, you'll be all set to start assisting customers with issues that you feel comfortable resolving. Your understanding will be shared with customers and you'll become a wealth of knowledge for customers and colleagues.

Once we've put you to the test for a month or two, we'll review your performance to see if the role is working out for you. If you think you'll be more suited to other roles such as technical support, we'll try to find space for you to jump teams.

Opportunities do arise every now and then to lead new initiatives and projects. These are quick and time-based briefs that can use a vast array of skills to complete in an efficient manner. 

How is my performance measured?

We use a set of KPIS (Key Performance Indicators) to measure how you're performing at Hyra. If you're smashing them, we'll look into opportunities for promotion at your next appraisal.

What skills will you need?

The perfect skill set for this role is:

  • Knowledge of the Roblox industry and Hyra’s target market.
  • Understanding of how customers interact with Hyra and how they use it to solve problems.
  • Ability to work flexible hours.
  • Effective communication skills within a team including voice communication.

Current teammates in this role work closely with customers to build solutions like code snippets that are tailor made to the customers situation, and solving the exact problem. You should be able to pick up and situation and build a solution to the problem.

We do want a lot more than just the skills with the technological aspects though. A stellar candidate for this role also:

  • Should be an excellent communicator
  • Have knowledge of Roblox groups that use Hyra and how they use Hyra
  • A true and deep rooted interest in assisting customers and achieving what they are looking for, together.
  • You will work with some customers who are extremely technical and have a lot of experience in what they’re doing, and some customers that are non-technical and new to the industry. You must be adaptable and able to provide support to customers with a variety of skill sets.
  • Solid English - you must speak English fluently. Keep your language concise and understandable, don't use flowery language or jargon.
  • An eagerness to learn and pick up new skills. This is core to improvement.

This role is United Kingdom only. Do not apply if you are not in the United Kingdom.

Hyra hires following the Equality Act 2010. Hyra does not discriminate while hiring - we treat all candidates equally. Hyra will not discriminate against an applicant or supplier on the basis of race, colour, religion, origin, ancestry, sex, gender, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status or any other legally recognised protected basis. 

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United Kingdom
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January 7, 2022
Customer Support
Pay scale

We love a warm welcome

All employees we take on are given a free and generous welcome-pack to say hi! Previous welcome packs have included mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and notepads.

We're in this together

Hyra values its employees and you'll form some excellent connections and bonds. We build lasting relationships with all of our team members and your manager will continuously check in with you to make sure everything is a-ok.


Profit Sharing

From June 2022, Hyra will be contributing 10% of its profits to its volunteers.

Credits to spend

Get $300, monthly to spend on Hyra products and services.


Build a deep network of friends and peers. We have one of the most diverse, yet culturally connected teams in the space. Everyone is a fit - regardless of background.

Pick up experience

Depending on your role, you'll pick up valuable experience in customer support, customer success, sales, finance. These are transferrable skills.


Learn skills for your role in the Hyra Academy. Learn from experts in the industry and master your craft.

Sensible time-off policy

We allow 45 days off, per year for vacationing. Enjoy your break!

Plus, get unlimited sick days & bereavement days



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