Effective from

October 6, 2020

Under 13's Privacy

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One of our highest priorities is to keep the world safe. The protection of children's data is absolutely vital, and that's why we set aside several resources to help keep children safe.

This is not for 'the site' (*.hyra.work), and collecting data on 'the site' does not fall into the scope of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is solely for users of the Hyra Platform, which are under 13 and do not use 'the site'.

We take into consideration that children don't always realise that personal data is being collected, however, in the case of our service, we've specifically engineered our systems to make clear that data is being submitted. We've done this by adding a clear 'Submit' button to all of our centres.

Keeping children safe is our top priority, and we work hard with vendors and service providers to keep the data processed on our platform safe, secure and within the scope of the platform. We will never sell children's data nor will we transfer it should ownership of the platform change.

Hyra keeps children's data within the United States, on a secure Google Cloud Platform data, that's regionally located across the United States of America.

Hyra collects data based on candidate responses, and therefore by clicking Submit, we assume the consent of a parent or guardian or whoever holds parental responsibility for the child.

Children's data is never used for marketing purposes, and we will not use children's data for targeting, and it will be excluded/anonymised for analysis.

Children have the exact same rights as outlined in our main privacy policy, so the child or parent/guardian is able to exercise those legal rights.

Should you wish to withdraw your data from our services, please contact childrensprivacy@hyra.work

Data Processing for Children

The data processing we do for children is done ethically and responsibly. Should you have any queries, please contact our Children's Privacy division via childrensprivacy@hyra.work . Hyra is a product of Campfire HQ, which is a sole proprietorship registered with the ICO. For further information on our data processor, click here.