Effective from

August 8, 2021

Recovery Terms of Use

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Hyra Recovery is a tool which allows you to rapidly restore actions taken. We utilise the Group Admin Audit log to revert any actions taken. This tool is able to revert thousands of users ranks in minutes and therefore can damage to your group if improperly configured. Hyra makes it clear what you are going to revert before the process begins, and therefore accepts no responsibility if this tool causes any unwanted damage to your group.

Hyra has made every effort to ensure this tool is secure and implements several security 'checkpoints' to prevent abuse. The safety of groups remains Hyra's top priority, and in order to prevent abuse, Hyra may flag actions for manual human review by our team. If flagged for human review, our team is available 6am through 5pm Eastern Time (New York).

Hyra provides this tool to you at your own risk and expense. Any damages caused using this tool are not the responsibility of Hyra or any of its team.