Come and join us.

Whether it's engineering, support or human resources, Hyra is a workspace full of opportunities and triumph.

A little bit about us

We're a small team based out of the United Kingdom and the United States from various backgrounds. Our team work around the clock to provide a solid product, with a solid service behind it.

Hyra drives forward to provide the market leading human resources software for Ro-industry and we continue to innovate our services and systems day-in-day out to provide our customers with a better experience.


Hyra is driven forward by these principals within its team


Hyra is an inclusive workplace. We hire with equality, and treat everyone with equality.

Regardless of country, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, Hyra values all.


Hyra is a fun place to work. We're built on fun, and the platform we build for is fun.

We try our best to keep our workplace engaging. Everyone is friends at Hyra, working towards the same goals and aligned to the same vision.


Work for Hyra is praised, not just by peers but from the top down. Hyra values your time and will reward you for going above and beyond.

Come and join us